As of 1st January 2021 we are underway. This is a very exciting project for all parties.

Q5D is working on calibration and control procedures.

M-solv is redesigning their excellent OSM laser sintering head to work in a 5-axis platform and refining the sintering process to suit the high performance polymers used in LiveWire.

OnePLM is providing Siemens NX training in CAD and CAM to the project team and beginning the process to allow programming of additive tool-paths.

Safran is providing oversight of the project and supplying specification to ensure our outputs are aerospace compliant.

AMRC is ensuring our processes are able to be confirmed at critical stages during and after the automated manufacturing takes place.

These initial stages are filled with meetings and great conversations where we get to share our experience and ideas. For me one of the best parts of these collaborative grants is this sharing of knowledge and capabilities to make the total more than the sum of parts. This is in contrast to the commercial world where secrets and IP are so closely guarded.

We would like to thank the ATI and Innovate UK for this opportunity to push this exciting technology forward.